The impermanence and smallness of humanity | Studio Incline

The False Reality of Society and Civilization

Society and Civilization is a false reality made tangible only by the collective belief—at this very moment, and the next, and the next—by a group of people who are ignorant by choice to the very impermanence and temporary existence in the universe. The scale of our cities and our countries and even our planet, in the grand scale of the universe is mind boggling at best, and madness inducing at it’s worst. Wrapping your head around the scale of creation and destruction taking place every second, every milli-second, in our celestial neighborhood alone frees the mind from the petty problems that a so-called society of men can have against one another.

The only logical conclusion i can make of this is of utter self-reliance. The safety of society that people live in is a freedom from worrying about ones own wellbeing, or survival, or defense of ons own existence. But the incredibly fragile thread—that blindfold society holds us together with—would so quickly deteriorate with any large event (even) on our planet, much less beyond our planet or solar system. We are witnessing celestially catastrophic events across the universe that are swallowing entire planetary systems, stars, and even galaxies—a calamitous disaster at a scale we cannot even fathom watching happen to ourselves. All to say- in the blink of an eye something so large and powerful and immediate that we can barely even understand or fathom, could end everything that we know… and perhaps, millions of years from now, someone, millions of lightyears away, will witness the quick flash of our entire existence being wiped out.

The only universal understanding we have beyond our own frail existence is truly that of something greater than even these tremendous forces of a calamitous sea of a universe that we are bobbing in. Religion may be a human-perceived perversion of the true power and beauty of a Creator or God, but, just like Science (with a capital S as a belief system)- it is a way for us to wrap our minds around something bigger than we can ever truly understand (at least in this life).

Is there something bigger than us out there? Wether you believe in science or religion—the answer is an unfaltering YES. We are witnessing entire galaxies collapse on themselves sending streams of energy millions of light years across the Universe… so yes. We know undoubtedly there are much bigger things than us. And all we can do is live our lives unrestrained by the false hope of society- looking ever upwards. Self Sufficient. And in awe of the beauty of everything that brought us here and that allows us to witness everything around us.

Be self sufficient. Don’t allow yourself to be lulled to sleep by the false promise of safety and security in a society that is less tangible than the beliefs of science or religion.