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A Lack of Technological Development and Forward Thinking

We are living at a strange period of human development—sitting right on the precipice of a tremendous shift in human understanding of the universe, human exploration of both our planet and our galaxy (even universe), and our ability to exist with our planet. I’ve held a firm belief for years that the balance of waste and destructive development […]

The Rules Have Changed

It’s time to admit we are all in control of our own success. Confidence, perseverance, and passion are the assets of a successful entrepreneur and artist today. Having some undeniable skill never hurt either but confidence (for better or worse) is often a bigger determining factor in ones success than their skill. Justin Bieber, PDiddy.. unfortunate cases […]

The Genesis of this Studio

Studio Incline was born as Incline Design Group was born as Spaceboy Creative in 2014 when I was sitting in meetings with clients for other people i was consulting for and realized I could do this on my own. The idea actually came about several years before that when I was still in the throws […]

The False Reality of Society and Civilization

Society and Civilization is a false reality made tangible only by the collective belief—at this very moment, and the next, and the next—by a group of people who are ignorant by choice to the very impermanence and temporary existence in the universe. The scale of our cities and our countries and even our planet, in […]